Shadows is a 2015 British/American animated superhero film directed, written, and published by Fireworks888. Starring the DC Comics superhero Batman, Steven Blum reprises his role as the Dark Knight as well as other, new villains such as a Warden Rosenwelle and Judge Rais, also including others such as Black Mask and Commissioner Loeb.


In 1994, Gotham officially flooded with hopelessness when Rosewelle Isolation, a security barge filled with criminals, was put under the founder's son's control, Warden Hyde J. Rosenwelle. With the trio of corrupt officials, Loeb, Rais, and Rosenwelle, polluting the city with their secret allegiance with Black Mask, a mysterious "vigilante" begins killing the officials' close ones. Now, it's up to the Caped Crusader to protect the officials, find the assassin, and put him to justice.


Steven Blum- Batman/Bruce Wayne

- Warden Rosenwelle

- Judge Rais

- Commissioner Loeb

- Black Mask

- Lieutenant Gordon

- The Tally Man

- Tony Zucco


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