Batman The Dark Knight Is A Series


  • Kevin Conroy As Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Liam Neeson As Ra's Al Ghul
  • Troy Baker As The Joker
  • Tara Strong As Harley Quinn/Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Emma Bale/Shadow-Walker
  • Steve Blum As Killer Croc
  • Jennifer Hale As Talia Al Ghul
  • Rhicard Mole As Harvey Dent/Two Face
  • Tim Daliy As Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman
  • Lacey Chabert As Zatanna
  • Jeffrey Combs As Scarecrow
  • Nolan North As The Penguin/Hal Jorden/Green Lantern/Black Mask
  • John Glover As The Riddler
  • Michael Rosenbaum As Lex Luthor/Barry Allen/The Flash
  • Richard Grieco As Michael Kilmer/Death
  • Susan Eisenberg As Wonder Woman
  • Terence Stamp As General Zod
  • Frank Welker As Non/Darkseid
  • Ginny McSwain As Urssa
  • Justin Hartley As Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  • Tom Kane As James Gordon
  • Corey Burton As Hugo Strange/Brainac
  • Grey Delisle As Catwoman/Viki Vale
  • Phil Lamar As John Stewert/Green Lantern/Aquaman/Static
  • Maria Canals As Hawkgirl
  • Maurice LaMarche As Mr Freeze
  • Fred Tatasciore As Bane
  • Ron Perlman As Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
  • Mark Hamill As Solomon Grundy

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