Batgirl Beyond
Real name: Katherine Martha Danvers

Current Alias:



Kate Danvers


John Danvers (Father, deceased)
Margaret Danvers (mother, deceased)
Joseph Danvers (brother, deceased)
Logan Wayne (Husband)
Damian Wayne (step-Nephew)
Dick Grayson (adopted step-nephew)
Tim Drake (adopted nephew)
Jason Todd (adopted step-nephew)
Martha Wayne (step-mother, deceased)
Thomas Wayne (step-father, deceased)
Bruce Wayne (step-Brother)
Roderick Kane (step-grandfather, deceased)
Elizabeth Kane (step-grandmother, deceased)
Nathan Kane (uncle, deceased)
Earth) Simon Hurt (ancestor)





Base of Operations:







Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 130 Lbs. (50 Kg)


Hair: Blond

Voiced By:

Tara Strong

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Resistance to Poison: Kate Has A High Hereditary Immunity To All Sorts Of Poisons.
  • Ageless: Batgirl, allowing her to retain her physical prowess, health, vitality and youthful appearance indefinitely. This ultimately makes her immune to natural death.


  • Peak Human Condition: Batgirl Works Hard To Keep Her Body In Peak Physical Condition, Using A Training Regimen Installed By Her Father.
  • Criminology: Kate Grew Up In A Criminal Environment Which She Was Introduced To As Batgirl
  • Driving: Batgirl Is An Effective Driver, Able To Her Own Motorcycle At Varying Degrees Of Above-Average Driving Situations (Being Shot At, Accelerating To High Speeds And Over Semi-Separated Bridges).
  • Martial Arts: Batgirl Is Very Much A Street Fighter, honing Her Skills In Martial Arts. One Of The First Steps On Her Adventuring Career Was To Learn And Enhance Her Fighting Style. She Learned Various Disciplines Of Martial Arts.
  • Investigation: Her Father Has Mentioned Batgirl's Prowess During Investigation Situations. Following In His Footsteps, She's One Of Her World's Most Prolific Investigators.
  • Interrogation: While Batgirl does a lot of physical intimidation and violent interrogation work - though she wouldn't torture or deliberately maim people.
  • Intimidation: She leverages her considerable presence, her excellent training in psychology and interrogation, being obviously willing and able to hit people really really hard, suddenly shifting toward protectiveness, etc. to achieve remarkable results.
  • Marksmanship: Training With Batarangs Batgirl Has Had Years Of Training Which Has Drastically Improved Her Accuracy.
  • Multilingualism: She Can Speak Both English And Italian Fluently.
  • Stealth: Batgirl Can Be Very Stealthy When She Needs To. With Her Specially Outfitted Suit And Various tTys In Her Utility Belt She Can Sneak Into A Facility And Learn Whatever Information She Desires Although She Sometimes Prefers To Fight Her Way In.


  • Batgirl is 23 years old.

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